What to Do In Austin this Summer with Kids

I think I might be the only mom in the entire world who despises summer.

Confession: I thrive off schedules and order. I like to know that we will wake up, have breakfast, and head off to school. I don’t like the moping around the house or the sighing of boredom. I also don’t like that summer camp costs significantly more than childcare, which is already high enough. I don’t even want to tell you how much my daughter’s overnight camp is, let alone 8-week entertainment for the 3.5 year old. Can he be ready for overnight camp, too? No? I stumbled upon a sweet little summer camp program for toddlers that I considered signing Graham up for, until I realized that it was the equivalent in cost to full-time childcare for just four hours a morning. Hard pass. 

There are three total weeks of summer where the kids and I will all be home together, so I decided to be a cool mom and have them each put together a Bucket List. The plan is to hang it on the kitchen cork board, gaze at it in wonder, and cross off things as we complete them.

In true almost teenage girl fashion, Hayley filled her Bucket List with extravagant day trips. See #5 on that list? Apparently Sugar Factory is only located in New York City and California. Nice try, girl.

Colin’s Bucket List was simple and sweet, consisting of life goals such as, “Eat pizza for lunch” and, “Ride the train at Zilker Park.” Yup, we can certainly accomplish those.

Graham’s list is a hybrid of things he nodded “yes” to when I asked if he was interested in them (spoiler alert: he nods “yes” to basically everything) and things Colin yelled in my ear while trying to steal my pen. I think Hayley might have attempted to contribute one or two things from the upstairs playroom, but that is inconclusive.

As for me? That Cupcake ATM on there may or may not have been my idea. Maybe.

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