Easy makeup routine

True life: I’m a mom of three who works full-time hours from home, in between the lives of my busy kids. To say that I often don’t get adequate sleep or have the time to put myself together like I used to is an understatement. With that said, I like to strike a balance. I don’t believe that just because we’re moms, we should have to let ourselves go and compromise our own self-care — so what’s the solution?

Easy Makeup Routine
First, a good skincare regimen will do wonders — since you’ll be reaping the benefits of gorgeous, clear skin,  you won’t need all of that extra makeup to hide breakouts, blemishes, red patches, or other imperfections. If you aren’t taking good care of your skin first and foremost, now is the time to start. Did you know that collagen production begins to decline at age 30? Prevention is key for anything, so why is your skin an exception?

With that said, here is my easy, five-step morning make-up routine that I guarantee will leave you looking flawless in under ten minutes. My lovely 12-year-old daughter (shown in this post) has graciously volunteered to be my model in this series of photos so you can see just how beautiful and simple this routine is.

Easy Makeup Routine

Step One: Revive Eye Cream

You might be thinking, why the heck do I need an eye cream? It’s not like anyone is going to see it, right? Here’s the deal — the eyelid is the thinnest skin on your entire body! It’s also constantly activated since we blink 10,000+ times a day. Therefore, the skin around your eye is the first to show the signs of aging, and just as we said above, prevention is key.

A good eye cream is lighter in texture than a facial moisturizer. You do not want a thick eye cream, because it can actually increase fluid retention and worsen eye puffiness! Revive addresses dark circles by targeting weakened blood vessels and counteracting the leakage that causes them, thereby helping to reduce the appearance of circles while simultaneously moisturizing the skin.

Long story short — get the eye cream!

Step Two: Ever Daylight Treatment Color Corrector

Ever’s Daytime Treatment Color Corrector is a gorgeous peach color, and don’t let that scare you. It’s specifically formulated to correct the blue tones from undereye circles to give you a more even, blended appearance. This warm tone will lift and neutralize the blue circles. Pro tip: put a little on your eyelids to give the appearance of brighter, well rested eyes — even if you’ve stayed up all night with a nursing baby or you recently switched to night shift, you will notice a difference.

Step Three: Ever Daylight Tinted Moisturizer

This is admittedly my favorite step. If you’re trying to prevent aging and wrinkles, a daytime moisturizer with SPF is an essential that you should never skip. The sun increases your cancer risk and is the #1 cause of premature skin aging. Chemical sunscreens, however, are linked to some nasty side effects, such as endocrine disruption, and are thought to interfere with the thyroid and other hormone processes. Why would you knowingly put your health at risk, especially on a daily basis?

Ever’s Daylight moisturizer minimizes the look of fine lines and wrinkles while simultaneously hydrating and protecting the skin with a chemical-free sunscreen. With SPF 32, it is one of my go-to products and a key step in my morning routine.

Step Four: Ever Daylight Treatment Concealer

Does your concealer also prevent aging? If you’re like me and need a little extra boost when it comes to those pesky under eye circles (thank you, children), or even to throw over a blemish during your menstrual cycle — this anti-aging treatment concealer diffuses the look of dark circles, as well as fine lines, wrinkles, and trouble spots. Yes, you read that correctly — you can actually conceal your trouble spots with good-for-you ingredients that contain our patented anti-aging formula. Can someone pinch me?

Side note: If you’re not a tinted moisturizer kind of girl, Daylight Clear is a fantastic option that still safely covers and prevents.

Step Five: The Add Ons

These will look different for you depending on what you’re going for. Are you a lip person? Perhaps you can’t leave the house without mascara. Regardless, make sure you’re choosing safe products to compliment your routine. Here are my staples:

Manna K Flutter Lash Mascara

Manna K Radiance Split Pan Bronzer and Highlighter Duo

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment 

Here is a comparison shot from fresh faced to flawless — keep in mind that these pictures are *completely* unedited. As you can see, the results are fabulous.Easy Makeup Routine

Whether you’re busy parenting, saving the world, or a little of both — this easy, flawless routine can fit very easily into your hectic lifestyle. Just as you wouldn’t eat your weight in sugar or opt out of regular exercise, you should treat your skin — your body’s largest organ! — with the respect that it deserves. How are you protecting yourself?

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