Early Man Movie Review

I was offered movie passes to see Early Man at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX in exchange for my review. As always, all opinions and ideas are entirely my own.

I always love any chance to spend 1:1 time with my kids. Colin has recently been able to sit through movies (yay!), so taking him to Early Man this past Saturday was the perfect mother/son date. If you haven’t heard of Early Man, it’s an adorable British stop-motion comedy by the same people who made Chicken Run and Wallace and Gromit. It takes place in the Stone Age, featuring prehistoric characters and cavemen. It was a great opportunity for Colin and I to talk about the Stone Age and what kinds of creatures roamed the Earth at that time. He was so excited that he proceeded to make his own cave drawing:

Early Man Movie Review

Before the show began, the Alamo hosted a pre-screening party. It was amazing! There were donut holes, a DIY pet rock station, t-shirts, a stop-motion pop-up, and even performances by Austin School of Rock. Colin was so enamored with the band and promptly asked to take music lessons. I think he was a little inspired!

Early Man Movie Review  

Early Man Review

After the party, it was time for the show! Colin absolutely loved it. I’ll be honest that I’m a little on the conservative side when it comes to movies. My 13-year-old can tell you all about it because she was (supposedly) the only one in her class who couldn’t watch PG-13 movies until she turned 13. I know, I know. Crazy parent. I promise that I made a few exceptions. 😉

The premise of the movie is that the cavemen are living a happy, peaceful life in their valley. Their peace is turned upside down one day, though, when Lord Nooth of the Bronze Age comes to take over the valley to mine for more bronze. Not about to give up without a fight, Dug (the main character) challenges Lord Nooth’s team to a game of football. If Dug’s team wins, they can keep their valley — if they lose, they will lose their valley and be forced to work in the mines. I won’t spoil the ending, but let’s just say that it’s action packed and sends a great underlying message.

Here is a further breakdown of the pros and cons of Early Man:


  • Humorous; my son laughed many times
  • Main character Dug sends a great message of perseverance and strength
  • Great character development
  • Very well-made; the stop-motion clay figurines + world are SO impressive! Beautifully done!
  • Adorable pet sidekick — I have a soft spot for these
  • Loved the storyline & premise of the movie


  • Humor is also a little crude for my taste, but again — I’m conservative with what I let my kids watch
  • Lots of uses of words like “stupid” or “idiot,” which I don’t let my four-year-old say; he pointed out that they were “bad words,” and that was the end of it, but it goes along with my first point

As you can see, there weren’t many cons because it was truly a fun movie that my four-year-old adored. It opens this Friday 2/16/18 in a theater near you, and you should absolutely take your kids to see it!


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