About My Crew

Three kids sitting in a modern chair

Growing up, I was never the babysitter, the camp counselor, or the person you asked to hold your baby while you scrambled to find a wipe buried at the bottom of your purse. The fact that I have *three* of these things (plus a fur baby) still astounds me. Just like any good parents, my husband and I have nicknamed our three children after natural disasters. Seems fitting, no?

Hayley (2004)
The Flood

Hayley is a sassy, girly girl who is passionate about cheer, gymnastics, and reading. She is an extroverted social butterfly like her mom, which makes for a lot of “I’m bored” moments when she looks to me for 24 hour entertainment. She is appropriately nicknamed “The Flood” because just as you can imagine, there are a lot of teen tears happening over here.

Colin (2013)
The Tornado

To say that Colin is a busy child would be an understatement. He is incredibly sweet and freakishly intelligent, but equally as much of a hot mess. He will take apart anything, and I really mean *anything* with multiple pieces. He gives me a run for my money, but he’s pretty cute.

Graham (2016)
The Volcano

Graham is my grand finale — my last, my ginger smoosh baby, and my sidekick in life. He is obsessed with books, balloons, shoes, and Curious George. His nickname stems from the fact that he is pretty easygoing and calm until something bothers him. It might be as simple as setting him down or wiping his left nostril with a soft tissue. He goes from 0 to 100 in quite literally a second.