Every Mama Birth Ed

My newest venture is a way to merge my passions for social media and brand strategy with my love of pregnant moms-to-be! I am so proud to introduce you to Every Mama Birth Education, a series of courses that are unique and personalized to you and your past medical history, birth plan, and goals. My mission is to empower moms-to-be by arming them with the tools they need for success in pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Why personalized? If I’m being honest, I never felt like I fit into a specific box when it came to motherhood. I wanted a natural birth and took Hypnobabies when I was pregnant with my second child, but the class was very tailored to holistic moms with very natural mindsets. While I love organic food and opt for chemical-free products for our home as much as possible, there are also aspects of me as a person and parent that aren’t as holistically minded.

When I taught childbirth education courses before leaving my Nurse Educator position, I noticed that there was a huge population of moms being missed. If a mom wasn’t completely tailored to natural birth or a medicated hospital birth, but instead fell somewhere in the middle, there wasn’t a course that fit her needs. Not only that, but every mom-to-be comes with her own history, experiences, and triggers. How can one specific course out there possibly speak to every mom?

I founded Every Mama to change that. My class is quite literally for every mom, regardless of birth plan! Moms-to-be have a free consultation with me to determine if I’m the best fit for them. I then have them fill out an intake form that talks about their past medical history, knowledge, and goals. I create a custom childbirth education course, given in the comfort of their own home, in order to help teach them what they want to know about. Skip the awkward group encounters where you don’t always feel comfortable asking questions, and opt for a course that’s as unique as you and your baby. In addition to in-person courses, I also offer virtual consultations.

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