Summer Bucket List

What to Do In Austin this Summer with Kids

I think I might be the only mom in the entire world who despises summer. Confession: I thrive off schedules and order. I like to know that we will wake up, have breakfast, and head off to school. I don’t like the moping around the house or the sighing of boredom. I also don’t like that summer camp […]

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Greenwashing: Why The Terms ‘Natural’ and ‘Organic’ Can’t Always Be Trusted


Most of us are taking active steps everyday towards living healthier lifestyles. We choose whole foods, limit excess sugar, and make sure we’re getting enough exercise. The beauty and cosmetic industry has also taken notice that consumers are demanding safer products. As a result, greenwashing has ensued. What does organic skincare mean? Can the terms “natural” and “organic” […]

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This Is 30

This is 30

I turned 30 on Friday. I expected to wake up and feel something — wiser? More refined? More maternal? Spoiler alert: I didn’t feel any of those things. I felt the same, yet somehow different. I’ve been in my 20’s for quite awhile now, as you can imagine. A decade has passed both entirely too quickly and […]

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