I’m Sorry I Was Late Today

Chaotic Life with Kids

I’m sorry I was late today. I had every intention of being on time, but the best laid plans often go to shit when there’s a baby and toddler involved. I’m not sure if you know this, but I’m still pumping for my eleven-month-old. I say ‘pumping’ because he never latched very well. It was really important […]

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6 Raw Truths of Parenting Kids with a Larger Age Gap

Siblings with Larger Age Gap

My 12-year-old daughter Hayley was not exactly planned. We were pretty young parents and hadn’t even finished growing up yet, ourselves. Subsequently, we had much that we wanted to accomplish before expanding our family. When she was about eight, the baby fever set in – right when I was in the midst of graduate school. Her baby brother Colin was born […]

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Baby Led Weaning: A Mini Guide

Baby Led Weaning Guide

When my son Colin was a baby, many of my friends and family inquired about the way we fed him. They were accustomed to baby food as purees, often in jars from the grocery store. Instead, Colin was fed whole foods in thick, finger length slices and was given many of the very same foods that the […]

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Dear Middle School Teachers


You are pretty fabulous. You deal with some super crappy kids – as well as some incredible ones – without ever letting on how tired or frustrated you might be. It amazes me how much my daughter is absorbing, and I know that it’s thanks to your passion and dedication. I know teaching is a […]

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Soft Soled Baby Shoes & Moccasins

Buffalo Plaid Baby Moccasins

Sometimes I like to think that I’m pretty cool, until I realize that I’m actually just basic. I like Target and Starbucks just as much as the next girl. We jumped on the soft sole baby shoe bandwagon for Colin, now three, when he was a few months old. My husband didn’t understand the hype at first, […]

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This is 28.


I turned 28 today. Many people wished me a Happy Birthday via text and posted messages on my Facebook wall. I was asked countless times if I was “doing anything special” to celebrate. I woke up, ate my usual breakfast, and boarded my train to work. I came home an hour early to have dinner […]

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